NOVA Black Holes App

  • Posted 06.20.16
  • NOVA

Hurl your star across spacetime, hitting targets and avoiding celestial hazards in your quest to earn a star that's big and bright enough to go supernova. As you play through the game’s 50-plus levels, you’ll meet new cosmic objects like small but dense neutron stars and massive blue supergiant stars. Get gravitational assists from these and other objects to slingshot around the galaxy and hit your targets. Detect and avoid invisible black holes that will shred your star if it gets too close. Beat all the levels and watch your star become a supernova and collapse into a black hole. You can also watch the two-hour program, "Black Hole Apocalypse," hosted by astrophysicist Janna Levin.

Running Time: 01:00

Download the free NOVA Black Holes iPad App from iTunes.


We’re four billion years in the future, at a time when our own Milky Way galaxy collides with the Andromeda galaxy. Stars are flung in all directions. The supermassive black holes that dominate the center of each galaxy are merging, sending powerful gravitational waves rippling outwards. Out of this cosmic storm, you’re awarded a fast moving star the size of our Sun. Your task is to set the speed and trajectory of this star to hit its target. Each time you succeed, you’ll receive bigger and brighter stars, until — eventually — your final star collapses and becomes a black hole.



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